In partnership with the Generation Equality Forum, the Obs organized a conference on "Women in 2049" on April 13, 2021, as part of their edition devoted to the challenges of the next thirty years. Ambassador Delphine O participated in the first roundtable on "women in the world", interviewed by 2049 editor-in-chief Dominique Nora. Other roundtables on women and political, economic and couple power mobilized Cécile Duflot, France Ortelli, Viviane de Beaufort and Bénédicte Tilloy. Watch the conference again here.


This round table followed the release on April 1, 2021 of a special issue celebrating the 50th anniversary of the publication of the Manifesto for the Right to Abortion, known as the Manifesto of the 343. Discover the publication here.


An eight-page reprint was published Thursday 24 June dedicated to the Generation Equality Forum. You will find there infographics on the situation of women twenty-six years after the Beijing Conference, a report on feminist movements in Argentina as well as a column by Ambassador Delphine O.


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Ambassador Delphine O participated on June 8 in a round table "Women, Environment and Climate" organized by the Think Tank Marie Claire: Agir pour L'Égalité, moderated by the president of the Connecting Leaders Club Valérie Hoffenberg. Welcomed to the Ile-de-France Regional Council in Saint-Ouen, Delphine O was accompanied by Clotilde Charaix, Environmental Manager of the Transdev Group, Carine de Boissezon, Director of Sustainable Development of the EDF Group and Rachel Barré, Director of Environmental Leadership of the L'Oréal Group. Review the roundtable here.


The Think Tank "Marie Claire: Agir pour l'Égalité" carried out a quantitative study on sexual and reproductive health and rights during the Covid 19 crisis via the digital editions of Marie Claire in five simultaneous countries: France, the United States, Argentina, China and Spain. The results will be revealed during the Generation Equality Forum, on the occasion of the panel on "The impact of Covid-19 on women's sexual and reproductive health and rights" on July 2 at 1:40 p.m., and will be published in the July edition of Marie Claire.


Two interviews with Ambassador Delphine O were published in the June issue of Marie Claire France and in Marie Claire Argentina. Read the interview with Marie Claire Argentina here.


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The France Télévisions group is a partner of the Generation Equality Forum. The spot of the Generation Equality Forum was pre-rolled on the France.tv replay site during the month of June. This partnership is part of the promotion of gender equality by France Télévisions. Discover the group's societal commitments here.


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The France Médias Monde group is a partner of the Generation Equality Forum. The spot from the Generation Equality Forum was broadcast on RFI in French and Spanish, Monte Carlo Doualiya in Arabic, and pre-roll on France 24 in French.


Before the postponement of the Forum due to the Covid-19 crisis, Ambassador Delphine O was the guest on March 6, 2020 of the “Actuelles” program of Virginie Herz and “The 51%” of Annette Young on France 24. Watch the program “Vers un Sommet international feministe à Paris” here and “Generation Equality: France to co-host with Mexico a key summit in 2020 ” here.


This partnership is part of the promotion of gender equality and women's rights by France Médias Monde. Discover the booklet "Women, M2dias, World" produced on the occasion of March 8 here.


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Paulette Magazine published an interview with director Mai Hua on the series "Their Generation Equality" produced for the Generation Equality Forum in the summer issue of magazine # 51 "Vibrer" ("Vibrate").


The Paulette Talks team performed three IGTVs on their Instagram account in partnership with the Generation Equality Forum: an interview with Tatiana and Katia Levha here, chef and owner of Parisian restaurants Le Servan and Double Dragon, an interview with Claude Emmanuelle here, actress, model and consultant committed to the issues of transidentity and an interview with Thérèse here, musician, stylist and activist.The recap of these encounters can be found here.


A survey was carried out among the magazine's community on the Paulette Talks Instagram account in order to find out the priority actions to be carried out within the framework of the Generation Equality Forum and its six action coalitions. An article was published on their website analyzing the results and interviewing Ambassador Delphine O after this consultation, check it out on Paulette Magazine's website here.