French local governments participated in the Generation Equality Forum by organizing events to promote the action of French local authorities committed to the international community in favour of gender equality.


City of Tours

The City of Tours, in close partnership with Cités Unies France, of which it chairs the “Gender” thematic group, organized an official day for equality, composed of online awareness-raising events and panels on June 16, 2021. They also organised a programme of activities for the general public in partnership with local charities, which runs from June 14 to July 2, 2021 and aims to promote gender equality in the territories.

The official day of June 16, entitled: "Territories mobilized for gender equality here and everywhere" aims to raise awareness of the Generation Equality Forum, and the impooortance of local to international mobilization to advance gender equality everywhere. By organizing these events, the City of Tours aimed to create a space for dialogue in order to allow representatives of local authorities, charities and citizens to exchange best practices and encourage everyone to mobilize at their level for gender equality.

The Ambassador and Secretary General of the Generation Equality Forum, Delphine O participated in a panel on the action of local governments, mobilized for gender equality here and across the world with important actors of decentralized cooperation, such as Emilia Saiz, Secretary General of United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG), Geneviève Sevrin, Managing Director of Cités Unies France and Christine Moro, Ambassador Delegate for the External Action of Local Governments. The panelists discussed the importance of decentralized cooperation, gender-sensitive budgeting and economic and social policies applied at the local level to advance gender equality - particularly within the framework of the French feminist diplomacy strategy and of the Generation Equality Forum.


  • Introduction: Emmanuel Denis, Mayor of Tours
  • Geneviève Sevrin, Secretary General of Cités Unies France - Moderator of the session
  • Delphine O, Ambassador of the Generation Equality Forum
  • Fanny Benedetti, Executive Director of UN Women France
  • Emilia Saiz, Secretary General of United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG)
  • Élise Pereira-Nunes, President of the Gender Thematic Group of Cités Unies France
  • Christine Moro, Ambassador for the External Action of Local Governments


In addition to these institutional events with a national and international dimension, the programme aims to involve citizens and local habitants in a dedicated programme of activities at the local level in partnership with charities and NGOs. From June 14 to July 2, online conferences, digital workshops, meetings and performances will be offered to everyone in order to advocate for gender equality. Local charities and associations have been invited to register their activities, and can continue to feed this programme until the 2nd of July.


Please find more information on the website of the city of Tours and on the website of Cités Unies France here and here.

City of Bordeaux

The city of Bordeaux is organizing an event entitled: International workshop on permanent democracy, by women leaders of citizen movements, on Thursday July 1, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. This workshop will be an opportunity for women leaders of local governments to present their action to advance women's rights and to discuss civic engagement for gender equality at the local level, with cities and NGOs from Peru, Quebec, Burkina Faso and Algeria.

The event will allow the presentation of a flagship action of each city with a focus on the leadership of women in the areas of civic engagement and permanent democracy at the local level. It aims to share good practices and present inspiring initiatives undertaken by women from all over the world for gender equality.



  • Céline Papin, Vice-president of Bordeaux Métropole in charge of regional balance, international relations and citizen dialogue and Deputy Mayor of Bordeaux - Moderator of the session
  • Mariana Alegre Escorza, Director of "Lima Cómo Vamos" and founder of the strategy for gender equality in the public space for the city of Lima (Peru)
  • Manon Therrien, leader of the Women and Municipal Politics Network of the Capitrale-Nationale de Quebec (Canada)
  • Zenabo Zongo (Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso)
  • Fatima Zohra Mohamed Krachai (Oran, Algeria)


For more information, please visit the city of Bordeaux’ website here.