How accessible is the Generation Equality Forum?

It is free, accessible to all in accordance with the rules of conduct, to be followed through videoconference.

Registration via the online general public form available on the "register" page.

Which is the deadline to register?

The closing date for registrations to access the virtual platform is June 27, 2021 at 11:59 p.m. (GMT + 2).

Will the digital platform be open to everyone?

It is free, accessible to all in accordance with the rules of conduct and within the limits of available places, to be followed by videoconference.

Register here.

What are the registration procedures?

Registrations have to be completed via the online general public form available on the "register" page.

How was the Generation Equality Forum initiated?

The Generation Equality Forum follows on from the world conferences on women organized by the UN since 1975. The fourth conference, which took place in 1995 in Beijing, marked a historic turning point for equality between women and men at the international level. More information on the History page of the Forum.

Who is organizing the Generation Equlity Forum?

France and Mexico, under the aegis of UN Women and in partnership with civil society, are organizing the Generation Equality Forum this year. 

What are the themes and priorities of the Generation Equlity Forum?

The Generation Equality Forum programme is structured around 6 concepts:

  • The Global Acceleration Plan for Equality between Women and Men.
  • Generation Equality: Joining forces.
  • Voices of feminist youth.
  • Everyone acts for equal.
  • Drivers for change.
  • COVID-19: a feminist response.
  • GEF: global conversation, regional dynamics.

What are the objectives of the Generation Equality Forum?

The aim of the Generation Equality Forum is to bring together all stakeholders committed to gender equality in order to review progress and make concrete, specific and ambitious commitments to accelerate progress towards gender equality in the next five years.

More information on the objectives of the Forum

How to follow the GEF on social networks?

You can follow the GEF on the following social networks:

You can find all these networks at the top and bottom of the home page. 

Is the GEF a physical event?

No, the Forum is only accessible through the digital platform.

When will I receive my access to the platform?

From June 28, you will receive an email from the General Secretariat of the Generation Equality Forum - Paris 2021 to create your personal password. The creation of your password will confirm your participation in our virtual event. From June 29 you will be able to log in to familiarize yourself with the tools present in our platform and to personalize your calendar.

How do I know if I am registered?

The access to the event, subject to availability, will be confirmed by email. 
Remember to check your spam.

How to share an article from the website on social networks?

You have the possibility to share each page of our website (except the home page) on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. 

What are the official languages of the Generation Equality Forum?

The official languages of the Generation Equality Forum are French, English and Spanish. 

What is the official hashtag of the Generation Equality Forum?


What can I do at the Generation Equality Forum?

I can watch all the lives of the events, ask questions via the dedicated question and answer space, attend or actively participate in the discussion rooms. I can exchange with other members via the chat tool and create group conversations..

What were the project selection criterias from the call of submission?

In addition to respecting the format and themes imposed, the selection committee has assessed:

  • The alignment of the proposal with the values of the Generation Equality Forum: openness, inclusiveness and commitment to responsible and sustainable practices.
  • The event's multi-partner approach (plurality of civil society stakeholders).
  • The age diversity of the speakers, to encourage an intergenerational dialogue.
  • Events with international perspectives.