Inclusive, multi-stakeholder and intergenerational, the Generation Equality Forum encourages a diversity of contributions. 

Applications are now closed!

Who can apply?

Organizations and stakeholders committed to gender equality, across all geographical locations.


For what type of contribution/event?

The event must:

  • Last 45 minutes (Time slots will be allocated by the Forum organizers)
  • Be interactive, dynamic and innovative


Please note that no financial support will be provided but only editorial and technical support.

On what subjects ?

Proposals must be related to one of the following themes :

  • "Generation Equality: Uniting our Strengths" : events at the intersection of the fight for gender equality and other types of activism (anti-racism, LGBTQ+ rights, indigenous peoples' rights, rural women, disability activism etc.).

  • "Voices of Feminist Youth": events run by and for young feminists.

  • "Together for Equality": events highlighting the commitments of stakeholders other than governments or civil society organizations (international organizations, philanthropic foundations, the private sector, local authorities, development banks, cultural industries, sports bodies, etc.).

  • "Drivers of change": focus on innovative initiatives led by Core Group members or partners outside the Action Coalitions.

  • "Covid-19: a feminist response": events focusing on initiatives to respond to the Covid-19 crisis, for and by women and girls.

  • "Generation Equality Forum: global dynamics and regional dialogues": intra-regional conversations around gender equality (Latin America and the Caribbean, Middle East and North Africa, Asia, Pacific, etc.).


How many speakers per event?
Given the format, the number of speakers should be limited to a maximum of four.

How many proposals can be submitted?
Only one. If you submit more than one proposal, the selection committee will only consider the first one.

Can we team up with partners to submit an application?
Yes. The organizers even strongly encourage you to join forces with other organizations to propose joint interventions.

In which language should the application be written?
You may choose from English, Spanish or French.

Can the Secretariat of the Generation Equality Forum be asked to help organize an intervention?
The Generation Equality Forum team can assist you with the editorial and technical organization of the event, but no financial support will be provided.

If you encounter any issues when submitting your proposal, contact us here.

What evaluation criteria will the selection committee use?

In addition to respecting the format and themes imposed, the selection committee will assess:

  • The alignment of the proposal with the values of the Generation Equality Forum: openness, inclusiveness and commitment to responsible and sustainable practices

  • The event's multi-partner approach (plurality of civil society stakeholders)

  • The age diversity of the speakers, to encourage an intergenerational dialogue

  • Events with international perspectives. Events that focus on a specific country will be assigned a lower level of priority.

How do I complete the online form?

Proposals should include:

  • The names of the proposed speakers

  • The name of a moderator

  • A brief description of the content of the event and the expected outcomes

  • Full contact details