The Generation Equality Forum is proud to have obtained the ISO-20121 certification with 10 strong points and 0 non-conformities. This is an international standard for events that respect the principles of sustainable development in their environmental, but also economic and social aspects, both in their preparation and implementation. Certification requires a favourable external and approved audit of the event.

The Generation Equality Forum is proud to have obtained the Equality Event Label, issued by AFNOR Certification. This label attests that an event was prepared and took place with respect for equality between women and men.


The Generation Equality Forum is proud to have obtained the ISO-20121 certification with 10 strong points and 0 non-conformities.

The Secretariat-General of the Forum has harmoniously combined efforts to advance gender equality and the eco-responsible practices, providing information and training on both aspects to its team.

A team intent on organizing an event with a minimal environmental footprint

Pursuing the approach taken in recent international events hosted by France, there was a strong focus on limiting greenhouse gas emissions and the digital environmental footprint, as well as on the principle of the circular economy by banning disposable items and waste.

Adopting a social component focusing on fighting inequalities

While the Forum was dedicated to advance gender equality, it also aimed at including all parts of society, especially young people and people with visual or hearing impairments. It aimed at raising awareness among all stakeholders through a communication without stereotypes or discrimination by a project team with a balanced distribution of responsibilities.

Creating a sustainable momentum

The forum was not just about the event: it looked to the future by encouraging instinctive virtuous practices through the adoption of eco-responsible habits by the organizing team and innovative practices by service providers, which can leave a strong and positive legacy for future events.




« The Generation Equality Forum is proud to announce that it has been awarded the Equality Event Label and the Certification ISO-20121 by AFNOR Certification. »


In line with the objective of promoting gender equality worldwide, the Secretariat of the Generation Equality Forum has decided to commit the Forum to obtaining the "Equality at a Major Event" Label and is proud to announce its award by AFNOR Certification.

Teams sensitive to and trained in gender equality

Building on the previous work done for the French Presidency of the G7 in 2019, significant, exemplary measures have been taken to mobilize and train all staff and stakeholders on the issues of gender equality and to advance best practices in this area.

Step-by-step consideration

The Secretariat ensured that each stage of the event's preparation took gender equality into account: recruitment of teams, definition of an inclusive communication strategy, choice of partners (reception, assembly, security, catering, facilitation and moderation of virtual sessions, etc.)

A listening mechanism

In order to prevent the risks of moral and/or sexual harassment and gender discrimination in the preparation for and/or running of the event, the Generation Equality Forum set up a hotline for all stakeholders and event participants.

Any question about the event's equality policy or reports of inappropriate gender-based or sexual behaviour (within the strict framework of the event and/or its preparation) could be submitted through the contact form and was answered by professionals trained to provide support and advice.