Governance of the Forum

From 30 June to 2 July 2021, France hosted the Generation Equality Forum, the largest global feminist gathering since 1995. Initiated and organised under the auspices of UN Women, the Forum was co-chaired by France and Mexico, in partnership with civil society and youth-led organizations.


Governance of the Forum

During the two years of preparation for the Generation Equality Forum, from 2019 to 2021, its governance is characterized by the unprecedented place given to civil society and youth. The Forum's organizers form a Core Group that is responsible for defining the policy, strategy and organization of the Generation Equality Forum.

Women's groups from Global North and Global South are represented in the Core Group by an Advisory Group which ensures that the priorities of civil society are reflected in the Forum's outcomes. Youth is represented by the Youth Task Force, which ensures the input of adolescents and young adults at all stages of the process.

The Forum also involves multiple stakeholders in its preparation and programming activities: governments, international organizations, civil society and youth-led organizations, as well as private sector companies and foundations. Their representatives form a Multi-Stakeholder Steering Committeewhich contributes to the design and implementation of the event.

The Forum is an inclusive process based on regular consultation activities through the Curated Discussions, and an online public conversation platform which allows the general public to engage in a global dialogue on gender equality issues.

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